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If you are looking to SELL or RENT OUT your Vacation Property, Short Term Rental, Timeshare Interval or Fractional Ownership of a Vacation Property, with no commission or broker fee’s as this is a buy owner marketplace, please search our available inventory.


If you are a corporate travel planner, a travel agent, a meeting or event planner or a consumer planning a vacation, marriage, or a personal event; or a business trip, corporate event or convention and would prefer to, buy from owner, RENT a Vacation Property, Timeshare Interval or Short Term Rental style accommodations than rent a standard hotel room, at a discounted rate using our “Make An Offer” feature, please search our available inventory of Vacation Properties for rent.


If you are looking to PURCHASE, buy owner,  a Vacation Property, Timeshare Interval, Short Term Rental or Fractional Ownership holding, at a discounted rate, without the sales pitch and from the comfort of your own home.


Change of heart after purchasing a Timeshare ? We're here to help.​

Welcome to the online home of Paramount Networking Solutions, a leader in online and offline Advertising and Marketing Solutions to the Vacation Property, Short Term Rental, Timeshare Interval and Fractional Ownership Vacation Property, by owner,  secondary marketplace.  


Paramount Networking Solutions specializes in strategic advertising and marketing services for by owner Vacation Property, Short Term Rentals, Timeshare Interval(s), and Fractional Ownership sales and rentals, as well as provides a specialized technology-based, online “showcase”  to help connect buyers/renters  and sellers and provide a specialized, international,  secondary marketplace for all classifications of Vacation Property. Paramount Networking Solutions offers listed prices for sales and rentals as well as a “make an offer” feature, which forwards directly to the owner, and using our proprietary software, matches offers submitted on one property/listing, with all other listed properties which meet the initial search criteria(s) and automatically sends out additional offers to all matching listings, helping to generate additional offers for our valued advertising customers, and additional options for customers looking to Rent or Purchase a listing.


Paramount Networking Solutions uses a proprietary marketing strategy consisting of Managed Social Networking Profiles, Managed Paid Search Engine Advertising on the major search engines like google, bing and yahoo, Full Time Search Engine Optimization, ads/profiles in industry publications both print and online, that fit within our target demographic profile. We also keep a full-time listings through numerous publications, which populates our online marketplace website information into 200 of the Top Rated Websites on the internet, ultimately generating more targeted customers interested in using a Vacation Property for their personal or corporate travel needs.


In addition to the above marketing and advertising activities, Paramount Networking Solutions also has a network of Licensed, bonded and insured call centers, consisting of licensed and experienced Vacation Property specialists who talk ONLY to people who are interested in buying, renting or selling a Vacation Property, 5 days a week, year round (excluding holidays). Tens of Thousands of calls a year!


Our Corporate Headquarters are located in Orlando, FL, the resort/timeshare capital of the world, giving us a unique view into the corporate and consumer travel industry. We are members in good standing of the Online Business Bureau, with a "RECOMMENDED" RATING and zero complaints on file!

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  • Property Expo:  We drive buyers and sellers through our elite marketing methods which enhances the exposure of your resort and gives you the greatest chance of receiving the best offer.


  • Expertise and Experience: We help timeshare owners by providing programs that bring buyers, renters and sellers together, utilizing cost effective advertising and marketing


  • Our database of inventory is available world wide, to interested buyers.


  • Closing Services:  We offer referrals to both the seller and buyer that will ensure a smooth stress-free closing


  • Internet: We utilize the most powerful marketing vehicle to date, The Internet which allows your property to be advertised world wide 24/7/365 to millions people world wide.

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